Jorge Perez-Renta, Ph.D., is a senior content writer for TV, documentary, and film, a university professor, and a former Op-Ed columnist. Also, he has worked as a translator for theater and musical plays and is a published author. He has an extensive career in creative/media content. Including sitcoms and dramedies, TV documentaries, health/wellness weekly reviews, and educational shows. His work received awards for outstanding dramatic writing (Quixote Award for Best Drama Miniseries, 1996) and best use of multimedia in design for employee training (Excel Award, 2000).

Pérez-Renta has offered variations of his Effective Communication Skills training in various universities, associations, government offices, and private institutions. Also, he has provided workshops in Effective Professional Communication for not-for-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Lately, he has been focusing on “Lenguaje (con)Sentido,” a creative workshop that brings inclusion, diversity, and belonging tactics for content writers, HR managers, healthcare providers, and communication managers.

Skilled in Marketing Communication, Text Editing, Media Coaching, Corporate Communications, Scriptwriting, and Content Production, he is now a consultant for independent companies and projects with purpose, creativity, and integrity. Also, using the by-line Jorge E. Pérez, he is a freelance content producer for a major media corporation (print/digital), managing client-related and subject-based content.

His alter ego, perezrentaj, writes humor-filled remarks about his personal life, strange relationships, social anxiety, and queer experiences in his blog (WordPress) while working on other creative content.

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